There are some advantages of the Centrotherm polypropylene venting:

1. Reduced company liability UL. Approved specifically for flue gas venting. Installing Centrotherm puts the liability on UL because they tested and listed for Cat :IV venting. (PVC manufacturers warn against using PVC for flue gas venting of condensing appliances.)
2. UL-1738 listing meets all local and state codes, approved worldwide.
3. 60% less weight than schedule 40 PVC, 75 % less than CPVC
4. Reduced labor 50-75%. Assembles easier. No walking out of joints like glued systems. (Elbows have 87 degree pitch built in for proper condensate drainage,)
5. VOC free. No volatile organic compounds.
6. Certified to meet standards as a Sustainable Green recyclable material.
7. Improved installer safety, less stress.
8. No glue, no primer, no mess to clean up, push fit.
9. Near zero waste, cutable and adjustable after assembly.
10. Consumer Safety: Long term durability test assures longevity (UL-1738)
11. 10 year product warranty. All types–single wall, flexible and concentric vent material.
12. Made in the USA. Installed and used in Europe for over 35 years.
13. Look at the advantage of offering your customers the option to use Centrotherm polypropylene. Many contractors use the advantages of Centrotherm to differentiate themselves from their competition.
14. Let your customer make the decision to have Centrotherm polypropylene. Show them the difference. What would you want installed in your home?