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  • Grid Tie Solar/Grid Interactive Battery Back-Up Power Systems

    • Grid Interactive Inverter: The Inverter has the ability to manage power being delived my multiple sources and also has the intelligence to send the power to battery storage or put the excess electricity being produced by Solar PV Electric panels ( or wind generator or micro hydro power) back into the normal grid through a reverse meter that feeds back to your electric power company. The power company will then give you credit for the power you send back to them. The home or business owner may also have a gas generator as a power assist when the weather conditions do not allow any of the Alternatives to produce power. The Outback Grid Interactive Inverter can manage up to all three alternative energy inputs at the same time (solar, PV-wind, and Micro Hydro).
    • Grid Tie PV Solar Electric Systems help people become more independent and most reduce their electric bill 50-90%.
    • GTFX – capable of interphase Solar PV – Wind – Hydro full load management with battery back up – full off-grid or grid interactive – full use of power during outages. Outback Power is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power, marine and mobile applications. Learn more at

Saft Battery Storage

  • Energy storage that can help smooth the peaks and troughs of renewable energy output is a vital element in the design of electrical networks and safe has just the range of battery solutions to provide the reliability and life required. Learn more at

More Solar Solutions From Energy Delivery Systems

We at Energy Delivery Systems believe that the quality of the environment we live in is vital to a healthy life for all, and offering eco-friendly products are one of the ways we can strive to create a more healthy planet. Some of our eco-friendly product categories include:

  • Bio Mass Hybrid Furnace
  • Bio Mass Boiler
  • Multi-fuel Furnace
  • Solar electric
  • Solar heat

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Enerworks Solar Heating

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